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Re: Linux and CV64/3D

FAVRE Gregoire <greg@pcbch4105.unil.ch> writes:

> Hello,
> I have just changed my mail machine reason for which I didn't give new...
> I am the guy who had the problem with "see title..."
> So, I had written to two mailling list, to the registered people of linux on 
> amiga who own a CV64/3D and I was really surpised that most of them didn't know 
> (as I...) how to open linux on CV64/3D...
> But hapilly there were people (about 10...) who told me that I have to first 
> open a screen with the same resolution that I wanted under linux and had the 
> command video=virgefb:1280x1024-8 (if the wb screen was 1280x1024-8 of 
> course...).
> I don't know were they have found that info ???

They asked on the mailinglist. :)
Its fully documented in the source. Have a look at the virgefb.c file
and similar.

> Could someone told me if it would be possible in a near future to
> directly boot on CV64/3D screen under linux ?

Unless you (or someone else) enhances the driver to initialise the
CV64-3D it will never be possible. The easiest thing to do is to boot
linux from your s:startup-sequence. You could also check for a mouse
button and only boot linux when the mouse button is pressed (or not
pressed) so that you need only one bootpartition for AmigaOS and

> Another time, thanks to everyone who help me so much,
> 	Greg

May the Source be with you.

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