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Re: Compiling debian packages (part 2)...

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Giacomo Magnini wrote:

> 1) While processing the files (right after the dpkg-buildpackage commnad),
> I've got some debug messages referring to a missing utmp entry, and switching
> to LOGNAME ('root') for some jobs. Is this correct or should I change something?
missing utemp is ok, but root.. well, kind of, but you should not build
packages as root but by using fakeroot or sudo
> 2) When the building process is complete, I get 2 files: the *_m68k.deb and
> the *_m68k.changes (this even if I didn't change anything). What am I supposed
> to do with these now? :)
install'em ;-)
you need both when you upload them, for installing you need only the .deb,
you can install it with dpkg just like any other deb, the m68k is in the
filename for master to notice for what architecture your deb is, it will be
moved to the correct directory after uploading.
> 3) What does happen if I modify the source? Do the dpkg utils notice this and
> handle the situation automatically?
I didn't get the beginning, which utils? When I build packages, they allways
start from scrtch with compiling, wether I change the source or not, so the
answer could be YES :-)
> PS. BTW, is someone already working on glibc2.0.7-deb?
It's allready on master...
you can find a copy on:
together with some others. Files found there are only for testing, etc, etc.


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