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Compiling debian packages (part 2)...

Following the directions given, I have colllected the needed dpkg utilities
and tried to compile 'hello world' 1.3-14.2. Seems it worked fine, but still
I have a question or two about the process...

1) While processing the files (right after the dpkg-buildpackage commnad),
I've got some debug messages referring to a missing utmp entry, and switching
to LOGNAME ('root') for some jobs. Is this correct or should I change something?

2) When the building process is complete, I get 2 files: the *_m68k.deb and
the *_m68k.changes (this even if I didn't change anything). What am I supposed
to do with these now? :)

3) What does happen if I modify the source? Do the dpkg utils notice this and
handle the situation automatically?

TIA, Giacomo.

PS. BTW, is someone already working on glibc2.0.7-deb?

... In amore,la sola vittoria e' la fuga (Napoleone Bonaparte)


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