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what are the apps that made you install linux ...


.. as an alternative to your existing m68k operating system? Or is it
just the linux feeling?

The editor of the "Amiga-Magazin" asked me to do another article about
(Debian) Linux m68k showing off some nice applications like a spread
sheet and such ...

I thought a little bit, StarOffice rulet out, NetScape rulet out (for
now)... so those application standard users think are not there.

I am now looking in the FD- and shareware sector for stuff thats good
and havent been ported to AmigaOS or runs better under Linux.

I found some thinks like xfig, xemacs, gv, gs, xpdf, gimp (if it would
work stable, may have to upgrade), xv, xmorph and stuff. I didnt found
a spreadsheet tough, and I am missing a decent WWW browser, too.

Now I want to know, what applications you use on your Debian Linux
m68k. What is the stuff that you are doing on Linux that you cant do
that good on AmigaOS (or MacOS or TOS/GEM whatever this article doesnt
have to be 100% amiga specific... at all.)?

Please answer privately to avoid cluttering the email list.

BTW: I am trying to compile vMac the Mac Plus emulator on my Amiga.
OK, there is ShapeShifter and Fusion around, but I just want to see if
it works and one guy asked me to make an article about that to.

BTW II: The german "Linux-Magazin" beeing out this week (well, at
least for me) will have my first Debian Linux article also.

|_| _ |o _  _  Martin Steigerwald
| |(/_||(_)_>  http://home.pages.de/~helios

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