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Re: syslinux and m68k

> # ataboot.ttp is jet not included into any debian package, but Roman is
> # working on it? Ataboot.ttp is included in the linux sourcecode, so it
> # should under the GPL.

I'm working on the package, but I'm still busy writing the config

BTW, the package will install the bootstrap as


I could send you a preliminary version (without working atabootconfig)
if you like.

And it's not true anymore that the bootstrap sources are part of the
kernel source. ataboot is available at
ftp.uni-erlangen.de:/pub/Linux/v2.1/boot. But of course it's GPL :-)

> And an infotext would be fine...

Maybe you can use ataboot.txt from the ataboot source. It describes
all bootstrap options.


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