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Re: ping!

Juergen wrote:

> > - have the base/base package adapted for m68k. 
> what's the problem with this? 

Well, we had agreed on removing all those /dev entries we're never going
to need on m68k, right? Like those isdn nodes, Cyclades network driver
or whatever - there's lots of them. Likewise, i386 folks won't want to
see fb device entries in there.

Also, the /dev/MAKEDEV script will have to be adapted accordingly so that
it can create 'our' nodes.

> > - Wait for Dominik Kubla to release the next update of the kbd package.
> >   Stupid me forgot one fix in src/getfd.c - Atari keyboards respond to
> >   KBGKBDTYPE with a different type than Amiga/PC keyboards. :-}
> i've just a minute ago sent a patch to maintonly@bugs. but what
> i don't know is, why does the atari have a different kb type?

Don't ask me - historic reasons? :-)
arch/m68k/atari/atakeyb.c, line 772:
    /* say that we don't have an AltGr key */
    mach_keyboard_type = KB_84;

> > Another step is then to wait for the next official release of XFree86/68
> > and debianize that one.
> would be nice. even though i work completely without X11 at home.
> (X11 with only black and white dots without even grayscales is
> really ugly :-)

Ugly? Hmm..well, I don't need colo(u)rs all the time, and X in monochrome is
much faster than X in 8/32bpp. :-)


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