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Re: Setting up a Debian Amiga system.

ALlan Anderson wrote:

> Hello, folks...I recently got a hold of an A1200 with an 50 mHz '030 CSA 
> 12 gauge in it, and would like to put linux on it, and help work on the 
> debian dist.  Have you folks gotten debian 1.1 (more or less) working?  
> any suggestions/hints?  Also, will the SCSI on the CSA be recognized by 
> any current kernel?  thanks folks...

I do run a (manually tweaked) Debian 1.1 system (sort of), but it's not
yet ready for release, although we seem to get closer. If you want to
help, you can start compiling and testing packages that are not yet in
the archives. If you're new to Debian, I'd recommend first reading the
guidelines, Ian Jackson's 'Policy' and 'Programmer's Manual', and
asking for a login on master.debian.org, where packages are uploaded
to initially.

As for the CSA Derringer - no, it's not supported by the current kernels,
and I have no idea how much work it will be to write a driver for it or
modify an existing driver. I even don't know what SCSI host adapter chip
is on that board.


PS: Maybe a good starting point for you would then really be to first
install a cross compiler under AmigaDOS and try to write a driver for
the CSA..

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