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Re: ping!

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Frank Neumann wrote:
> - have the base/base package adapted for m68k. 

what's the problem with this? 

> - Wait for Dominik Kubla to release the next update of the kbd package.
>   Stupid me forgot one fix in src/getfd.c - Atari keyboards respond to
>   KBGKBDTYPE with a different type than Amiga/PC keyboards. :-}

i've just a minute ago sent a patch to maintonly@bugs. but what
i don't know is, why does the atari have a different kb type?

> If all this is done, we might start a first semi-public beta test - I think
> at least everyone on this list should try to use what we have then
> to install the base system on his machine and report problems to the list.

ok. i've installed a mirror of most of binary-{all,m68k} at home,
so i have a farly recent installation of debian. no problems so far.
i'll check the whole fs for old non-debian files the next days.

> Another step is then to wait for the next official release of XFree86/68
> and debianize that one.

would be nice. even though i work completely without X11 at home.
(X11 with only black and white dots without even grayscales is
really ugly :-)

> Well, that's all I can think of right now - and I hope you already
> managed to fight through your mail, Juergen :-).

at least. :-)

> PS: Did you all see we now have XForms 0.81 for m68k? 

yes, see my other mail.


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