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Re: ping!

Juergen wrote:

> well, i'm back for two weeks now, but i don't receive any mails
> from this list. the last msg was from Geert from Aug 5. How are 
> the boot-disks going, Frank?

Nice to have you back with us, Juergen. In fact the list was very silent
over the last few weeks - call that a summer hole or whatever. :-)

Speaking for myself - I used the last couple of weeks to continue my other
project, a kernel fb driver for several Amiga graphic boards. I'll have to 
spend about one more week on documentation for my professor (I did tell you
this is part of my studies, right?), and after that clean up the code and have
it put out for beta test. 

I didn't do very much Debian stuff, sorry. My Debian installation at
home works quite fine for 6 or so weeks now. I manually added X11R6.1
and some other 'private' stuff, but that's it. I think the next steps
we'll have to do now are:
- Test the Amiga afdisk disk partitioning program
- write a similar fdisk program for the Atari. I think it will be hard
  to merge these two into one, although that would be nicer.
  For those who don't know about the Amiga afdisk: See
  Michael Schlueter (<schlue00@marvin.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>)
  has started hacking on this - anyone willing to help him?
- have the base/base package adapted for m68k. This means it will not
  be in binary-all anymore, but be architecture specific. Leland, any news
  over there? 
- Have the boot-floppies patches integrated by Bruce. Ok, that's my part.
- Wait for Dominik Kubla to release the next update of the kbd package.
  Stupid me forgot one fix in src/getfd.c - Atari keyboards respond to
  KBGKBDTYPE with a different type than Amiga/PC keyboards. :-}

If all this is done, we might start a first semi-public beta test - I think
at least everyone on this list should try to use what we have then
to install the base system on his machine and report problems to the list.

After that, we'll need to test those lots and lots of .deb packages that
(mostly) Leland has produced so bravely over the last weeks. :-) I don't
expect too much problems, but I think considering the time in which he
uploaded packages, he wasn't able to test each of them thoroughly.

Another step is then to wait for the next official release of XFree86/68
and debianize that one. Right now I think we have some binary packages
under x11/, but these are sort-of 'patchwork' instead of being created
in the 'official' way - not sure though. Does anyone know if there are
just diffs for XFree86-3.1.2 for the current version? rex/source/x11
only contains the complete package, and it would be hard to extract
the Debian specific changes from that one.

Well, that's all I can think of right now - and I hope you already
managed to fight through your mail, Juergen :-).


PS: Did you all see we now have XForms 0.81 for m68k? 

>From: zhao@laue.phys.uwm.edu (T.C. Zhao)
>Subject: XForms - X GUI toolkit and builder - for linux/m68k
>XForms V0.81 for Linux/m68k (2.0.15 ELF) is available from

This means we now also have Lyx (my machine should have finished compiling
it in the meantime).

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