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Re: Cleanup of m68k-incoming (almost) completed!

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, llucius wrote:

> > Ok, that means Leland is on the pole position and everyone waits until 
> > he's finished and yells in turn ?
> > 
> Ok, I'll start this evening... got to go to work now B-(

Fine, go ahead!

> But, just so I get it right (never done it b4):
> I upload directly to private/project/Incoming correct?

See Juergens previous message: correct.

> What should I do with the files that are usable by ALL architectures
> (ncurses has a couple).

Caution with these - you probably mean ncurses-base and ncurses-term? 

Current version of these is base/ncurses-base-1.9.9e-1.deb and
/misc/ncurses-term-1.9.9e-1.deb. Leave them away if yours are older versions.

(binaries are version 1.9.8a-5 currently)

> Since I will be uploaded ".changes" files of packages that are already in
> Incoming, should I include "m68k" in the name?

Name them 'ncurses_1.9.9e-1.m68k.changes' ? Juergens 'First Steps' 
mention something on this matter, too.

Remember to yell 'GO' when you're done - and be prepared for a downtime 
of master.debian.org possibly on Wednesday night. Simon wants to install
Debian release 1.1 :-)


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