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Re: Status?

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> Where are the people? Is this mailinglist living?
> I'm the only one, who makes packages? 

at the moment it seems so. ;-)
i suspended my compiler until the incomming queue will be 
processed. unfortunately, this may take some time. 

Carl can no longer do the distribution maintainers job.
There seems to be some volunteers to take over the job,
but until Bruce is back and has picked one, ...

So, if there is anyone here with some spare time and
a fairly good connection to master.debian.org, who 
would like to process the 6-8 weeks backlog of the 
m68k incomming area until some new distribution
maintainers exist, he might yell at once.

so, volunteers: please talk to 
he knows what has to be done as he does the same
job for the intel incoming area.


ps: i've sent a similar request last week, but the
lists processing wasn't very stable lately...

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