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Porting sources (was: archive maintainance)

[forwarded to debian-68k for approval :-) ]

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:
> From: Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au>
> > What happens when the source for package-i386.deb is different from
> > package-alpha.deb?
> Let's please _not_ do that.

let me briefly describe how the m68k people currently port packages.
for most packages it's enough to write ./debian.rules binary (ie all
autoconf packages).

when changes are needed we can divide them into the debian part
changes and the upstream maintainer changes. let's look at emacs
for an example. it requires 
   ./configure $(ARCH)-linux
to be performed in the debian.rules file. currently i386-linux
is hardcoded into it. to change that a patch in the debian.* files
is needed.

nevertheless emacs currently doesn't understand m68k-linux, so 
the emacs configuration needs a patch too. 

both patches will be filed as bug reports, so that they 
will not be lost. they should not break anything for the intels, 
but that can be tested by the source maintainer. if any
questions arise the bug-tracking system is ideally working
for that. patches like that in the emacs configuration 
might be forwarded by the source maintainer to the upstream
maintainer, for which the bug-reporting system is also layed

ok, so i take emacs-19.30-1, change it to build a binary
(with version number 19.30-1) and file the diffs as bug-report.
eventually the source maintainer will release a 19.30-2
version, which will have included the port. in that case
i simply need to run "./debian.rules binary" in the new
source to create a 19.30-2 binary package.

any comments?


ps: nevertheless some problems will remain for packages like
syslinux (i386 boot loader?) or lilo, which will have to be 
ported not only to one single m68k, but to three very different 
ones (Atari TOS, AmigaOS, and the Mac, if someone ports the kernel), 
as these programs runns under the native OS. but these problems 
can be delt with, when they arise (eg building three different
binary packages for m68k), but that is somewhat far away.

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