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Re: Status?

Hartmut Koptein wrote:

> Where are the people? Is this mailinglist living?
> I'm the only one, who makes packages? 

We're all still here, I think. I have sent m68k-specific patches for
kbd to Dominik Kubla last week, but he didn't yet release a new
version (which I'm waiting for - although I could as well upload
my 0.99-7-pre version). 
Right now we're waiting for one of the master.debian.org admins to 
clean up our m68k/incoming directory - or should we rather try to move
files ourselves (I think we could do it - permissions seem to be ok,
but I don't know if any other things need to be regarded, like creating
Logfiles of moved packages, starting the 'Packages' list generator or


PS: Hartmut: I didn't try it myself, but do the current netbase/netstd
packages actually compile on m68k without any source patches?

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