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Dominik wrote:

> > them onto master directly myself, or should I just wait a little more?
> Do as you wish! Also the automatic forward mechanismen is not yet installed
> (guess who had little spare time lately ...), i will continue to forward all
> uploads to master.debian.org.

Ok, thanks for that. I noticed right now my connection to master is
pretty slow, so I'll prefer uploading to Mainz.
Coming tomorrow: e2fsprogs-1.01-3, ed-0.2-10, mount-2.5-5, setserial-2.10-7
and hopefully also kbd-0.90-3.

> As for the packages still in the incoming area, i will remind bdale to move
> them ...

I just noticed he already did it. Fine.

> > m68k specific changes either. So, I don't see any sense in doing this.
> But there is! The debian changes fill contains md5 checksums of the packages,
> so that their integrity can be checked! There has been a lot of discussion
> about ensuring the packages integrity and avoid tampered packages being spread!

Oh, sure. Stupid me. By the way - is anyone at master going to set up
a cron job (or alike) that does the automatic creation of the Packages
file for m68k?


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