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Re: Hello

Hartmut wrote:

> Well, here i am! :-) (Hello Frank!)

Ah, good to see you are alive :-)

> I think it is a good idea, to collect Packages diff's. But they should't only
> collected. They must go directly to the developer or to the maintainer of the stuff.

Exactly that. I think in most cases the maintainers don't need to do very
much to incorporate our changes, so they should be able to cope with the
extra work we bring them.

> They main diff for packages are:
> * they have -m486 
> * obsolete -O6
> * a arch file with uname to select the machine and OS, but no m68k-linux support
> * and the big worse: they have machine depend asm instructions in

I discovered the same. Some of the maintainers have already started removing
the -m<x>86 from their Makefiles etc. 

About the arch stuff: I'll be using something like this in modifications:
ARCH=($shell uname -m)

and later
ifeq ($findstring 86,($ARCH), 86)
	[..something PC-specific]

..or by using ifneq for the inverse case. Can this be regarded 'safe' and
This way I can e.g. leave out binaries/manual pages for programs that really
don't work/make sense on m68k (such an example is base/kbd/resizecons: It
*DIRECTLY* bangs the VGA board, which will most probably never work for us,
and we have fbset anyway).

> So, in a few days i will send my rest packages and perhaps my sources to
> master-debian.org.

Good. And if you do so, please follow the usual guidelines: Upload a .deb
file for the binary package and a .diffs[.gz] file for the changes you
made. I think Dominik advised Bdale to remove the 'one archive per logical
group' tar.gz files you uploaded. They make more work than necessary for 
the ftp maintainer.

> BTW: my main develop area is the net-stuff and i working at the moment
>      on scotty-2.0.2-3 and tkined-1.3.4-1  (great tools!!)


> I have some questions:
> - should we go for 100% to debian? This includes a boot- and root Disk!

I think so, yes. It might be a problem in some situations - like choosing
the smallest common floppy disk size (which is only 880 KBytes for Amiga
disks, and probably only 720 KB for Atari disks). But it would be best
this way. For the time being, however, we should concentrate on getting
everything for the base system together, create a 'base.tar.gz' file (only
for internal test purposes), and then really test that one thoroughly.

> - must the dchanges-File always included?

It just became clear to me from Dominik's last mail that it really should be


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