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Re: Debian logo/font question

On 06/01/2015 07:41 AM, Tammy Manning wrote:
> Hi Bernelle 
> The Diamond is nice but wouldn't recommend the swirl and the diamond, it
> would be very busy. 
> But we are focusing on the Debconf logo not the Debian, so I wouldn't
> use the same font as the Debian logo, it is a bit dated. I think perhaps
> sticking with something fresh and modern. 
> But I have to agree that the diamond is nicer than the swirl it does
> make more sense than the swirl. 

You may find modern Debian styling on the swirl quite a different
matter. Look specifically at the teal box at the top of this page, which
is how the logo appears in the software today:


We're not obligated to incorporate the Debian swirl into the DebConf
logo, but it is something of a tradition. So think a bit about
modernizing the swirl before dismissing it entirely.

The diamond really has no special significance in Debian, it's just a
font variant in the letter "i". So it's fine to experiment with diamonds
as a design element, but I wouldn't spend much time on them.


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