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Debian logo/font question

Hi all

Just doing some Sunday browsing, came across this pdf on women in debian.

The question is not about the topic, as interesting as it is.
On page 2 of the pdf, there is a debian logo in a certain font, with a red diamond on the 'i'. 

My questions: 
Allison, Martin, can you give me a bit more info on this font and the diamond? Did this precede the swirl? Is this font still THE font?

Tammy: I quite like that font and the diamond. What do you think? Do you think a diamond and swirl combo could work in some way?

Some further research via https://wiki.debian.org/DebianLogo:
The font used to write "Debian" in the logo is a commercial paid font [0] called Poppl Laudatio Condensed [1]. The i-Dot has been manually replaced by a red diamond. Julien Blache annotated that the text has been condensed horizontally and stretched vertically. The "debian" text can be found in vector format at [5].

There was also a resembled free font at [4] - a page that still hosts it is at [3].
A DFSG-free font called Prociono is available in Debian main

The 'resembled' free font is called 'laudatioc' and I find it jarring, is there a san serif version somewhere perhaps?

The 'prociono' font looks better, I think: http://crudfactory.com/font/show/prociono


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