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DebConf16 meeting Wednesday 27 May 21:00 SAST (19:00 UTC)

Hi all

Matters for the agenda sofar, feel free to add, here: http://whiteboard.debian.net/9fcb2.wb

Please also note we'll have monthly meetings until after DC15 - so we'll relook the meeting frequency in September.

  1. Budget
    ACTION: nkukard to get an early budget
    wendar to advise from the sheet the bid prices went into.
    madduck to advise structure.
  2. Design
    ACTION: tammy to send the .svg file, modified to include 'DebConf' instead or in addition to Debian.
    superfly to help with sourcing open source font(s)
  3. Brochure
    ACTION: wendar to talk through the latest changes
    madduck to critique it. Note sections to add from a long ago discussion:
    - add to the benefits that we microblog every sponsor with logo
    - child care might be a perk of interest, might need discussing (current visa issues, should be improved by next year)
    - the currency exchange rate thing needs to be decided
    - and the levels gauged
    indiebio's thinking about sponsor perks possibles:
     - VIP sponsor dinner - discuss the challenges, what would corporates want from Debian? No jobseekers, no distractions, just getting down to business.
    - Include list of possible ideas, and ask sponsors to indicate what they value. No costs attached, and state clearly that as these needs additional planning and cooperation from the sponsors, they are not guaranteed, T's and C's apply.
  4. Sponsor list
    Leads contact table - where?
  5. Accommodation
    food - some residence - breakfasts?
    clare@appetitecatering.co.za for lunches and snacks?
    dinners - at the venue?
  6. Conference schedule/attendee app: giggity?

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