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Re: [Debconf-sponsors-team] Sponsor brochure for DC16 - early thoughts.

also sprach Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> [2015-04-06 09:11 +0200]:
> As per previous email,  If Debian is used in all these companies that
> sponsor, then they must have an interest in making it work better.

Sure, but there's a side of the picture you're missing: DebConf
attendees. I completely agree that we could take in a *lot* more
money for DebConf and Debian if we went about it properly without
even running as much of a risk to give influence in exchange for
money. But there are a lot of people in and around DebConf and
Debian who would prefer to sleep on gym floors and don't want to see
too many sponsor logos anywhere. So DebConf and Debian fundraising
is all about trying to find a compromise somewhere in the middle.

That said, new ideas should always be considered and evaluated
according to all these principles.

As I told you, my idea of naming talk rooms after sponsors was not
met with enthusiasm. But this doesn't mean that your idea might not
work. Maybe it would make sense to write it up a bit more so that
people can form a better opinion? Right now, I can only faintly
imagine what you have in mind.

> > >    5. Shall we distinguish DebianDay very specifically? Should
> > >       DebianDay have its own well defined brand?
> >
> > For a start, DC15 is not having a DebianDay (but an Open
> > Weekened). I am not sure about this. It's never been a flying
> > success, so it's not a brand yet.
> >
> Will think more then, glad to see no clear resistance, or am
> I mistaken?

I think as long as DebianDay doesn't influence DebConf too much, you
are free to try to make it fly. And if it worked well for a couple
of years, then you get a brand. For now, "DebianDay" is a bit
convoluted of a concept, so it'll help to be explicit about what you
have in mind.

> > >    One would work out the pricing such that if the same things
> > >    get chosen the way they are currently structured,
> >
> > it's already hard to work out pricing for the packages. Why make
> > it more difficult? We don't have a market to resonate against,
> > so it's really a single shot.
> >
> My reason behind this was to find out what the sponsors see as
> valued benefits. Still trying to get behind that questionnaire, to
> be honest. Also, madduck, you promised to look into that once
> I started the brochure draft, so, ball's in your court, honey :P

I have not yet seen the draft. And yes, I have a proposal how to
move on. How about we use the fundraising meeting in 3 weeks (28
April) to discuss/lay down the DC16 strategy?

And viscous sticky amber animal product to you too. ;)

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