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Sponsor brochure for DC16 - early thoughts.

Dear all

I've made a start at looking at the DC16 brochure, using the excellent DC15 brochure as starting point.

It's still early days, so I have some early questions please. I'm not sure if these even make sense yet...:
  1. Is there info somewhere showcasing the diversity outreach projects? 
  2. Has there ever been company specific hack challenges/ BOFs on company specific projects? If so, what was the experience? If not, do you think this could be valuable, and something sponsors would be willing to pay for?
  3. Please clarify, DCx is the x+1th annual conference, correct? So DC15 is the 16th, and DC16 will be the 17th annual conference?
  4. I'm thinking of including the Debian family tree as an image in the brochure, with a link to the high res version [1]. Do you think this is a good idea? This, in my mind, would serve as an intro to out-of-industry sponsors, and a handy reference point to existing sponsors. I may well be mistaken.
  5. Shall we distinguish DebianDay very specifically? Should DebianDay have its own well defined brand?
  6. Shall we have particular session sponsors? So one more company logo in addition to Platinum and Gold for each session, which differs from session to session?
  7. What does this mean: TODO we should add a statement about ordering within each level so that all sponsors know the rules from the start.
    I've left the most discussion-prone point for last: An idea: 
  8. Do we want to do a pick-and-choose sponsor model? ("these options are available", like a shopping cart??) One would work out the pricing such that if the same things get chosen the way they are currently structured, it works out similar to e.g. a platinum package. I've made a rough first stab at it, with an example sponsor choice, for illustration (below), and on a .ods file that I hope to load to git soon.
[1]: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/69/DebianFamilyTree1210.svg


NB: These numbers are all thumbsuck placeholders for illustration only!!

Sponsor cart Price (EUR) Quantity Sub-total (EUR)

Logo in the list of sponsors web page 50.00 1 50
Logo on all web pages, with link 500.00
Post on a job wall located at a central location 1,000.00 1 1000
Access to swag bags and raffle Free to >10K EUR sponsors

Logo in “thank you” Linux Magazine ad Free to >10K EUR sponsors

Logo printed on conference t-shirts and bag 1,000.00
Space at our job fair 5,000.00 1 5000
Staff a showcase booth during opening weekend 5,000.00
Logo printed larger and in superior position Free to >10K EUR sponsors

Logo on all video streams, during breaks Free to >10K EUR sponsors

Logo on banner in conference lobby 1,000.00
Logo on banner behind talk podiums 1,000.00
Name & description in conference press releases Free to >10K EUR sponsors

45-minute slot for a Free Software-related talk 5,000.00 1 5000
'New' additions

Session sponsor 2,000.00 1 2000
Childcare sponsor 2,000.00 1 2000
Conference Dinner (1 available) 5,000.00
Debian Day (e.g. 5 available) 2,000.00
DebCamp … (e.g. 5 available) 1,000.00
Diversity outreach (e.g. 3 available) 1,000.00
Day trip (e.g. 5 available) 500.00
Cheese and Wine party (1 available) 2,000.00
Snacks and beverages (e.g. 1 available) 2,000.00


Qualify for >10K EUR benefits? Yes/No


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