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Re: Fwd: Group accommodation booking: July 2016

On 03/11/2015 09:36 AM, Bernelle Verster wrote:

 From their side it looks like no rooms for family ON CAMPUS. But I will
have to investigate this further - All Africa house may still be an
option, and there are affordable private guesthouses nearby. I am not
sure how far Phelo's reach goes in terms of accommodation though, it
seems complicated...

Aye, we've got plenty of time. It's just something we'll keep an eye on as it develops and make sure we get a plan in place.

I am aware of this. I do not think it will be enforced heavily if we
behave. My impression is this is coding, talking, with alcohol, not the
raucous student behaviour, correct? There are a few nearby locations we
can investigate, one being the sports bar, another being the Chemical
Engineering Building (and by extension the New engineering building
where the conference will be held). Oh yes, there's also the Baxter's
restaurant. I definitely think even in a worse case scenario we can work
around this, but I also think we could make something work with the
residence here, but of course this is not confirmed yet. (Remember, they
deal mostly with first year students!!!)

Yup, they can be a bit noisy, laughing and talking, but they're grown-up, responsible, and clean up after themselves. I've walked past a group in the hallway at 3am, with the usual scatter of drinking party cups and bottles, then walked past again at 6am on my way to the airport and it was so clean my brain could barely accept it was the same hallway. Maybe we could get an exception for using the cafeteria in the building in the evening?


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