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Re: Fwd: Group accommodation booking: July 2016


On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 6:24 PM, Allison Randal <allison@lohutok.net> wrote:
This is great, Bernelle. Thanks!

Would the lack of family accommodation mean no rooms appropriate for couples at all? Or just no multi-room suites?
From their side it looks like no rooms for family ON CAMPUS. But I will have to investigate this further - All Africa house may still be an option, and there are affordable private guesthouses nearby. I am not sure how far Phelo's reach goes in terms of accommodation though, it seems complicated... 

No drinking in the residences may actually turn out to be a major blocker for us. It's a common DebConf practice for developers to be up drinking in the residence halls until 4am, some until dawn. How strictly is that likely to be enforced? Or, can we provide alternate nearby locations for late-night drinking?
I am aware of this. I do not think it will be enforced heavily if we behave. My impression is this is coding, talking, with alcohol, not the raucous student behaviour, correct? There are a few nearby locations we can investigate, one being the sports bar, another being the Chemical Engineering Building (and by extension the New engineering building where the conference will be held). Oh yes, there's also the Baxter's restaurant. I definitely think even in a worse case scenario we can work around this, but I also think we could make something work with the residence here, but of course this is not confirmed yet. (Remember, they deal mostly with first year students!!!) 


On 03/11/2015 09:14 AM, Bernelle Verster wrote:

So emails and phone calls didn't work, I went to harass the UCT
accommodation in person today.

General response is positive. The dates and rates for 2016 has not been
confirmed yet, but looks similar to 2015 (see attached). They can do
three meal catering - at least some catering will HAVE to be included as
part of the contract, but this suits us well, I think.

There will be no shared (family) accommodation available in July, so
we'll have to make other plans there. Graca Michel, if available, might
have two bed - rooms, but this is all not confirmed yet.

The residences are not exclusive if we don't fill them completely - they
have to run a business after all, but the security is good - the rooms
can lock, there is general access control at reception, and we have
general CPS - campus protection services patrolling campus. She also
said that July vac is not very busy. (December ... she just shook her head)

But, there is no alcohol allowed in the residence, so the flipside of
non-exclusive - risking drunkards, won't happen. I am not sure how
seriously this is enforced though. I am guessing that if we're low-key
about it and work in the rooms and don't cause trouble it may pass...

I made some more notes but like a fool didn't save the file (I should so
go back to just writing in a book, old school), so if I missed something
please ask and I'll either remember or find out.


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Dear Bernelle ____

__ __

Thank you for your booking enquiry. ____

__ __

These attached rates are 2015 rates, we can estimate a +- 10% increase
for 2016 and also bear in mind the residence allocation will also be
known closer to the time. ____

__ __

Should you have any further enquiries p[lease do not hesitate to contact

__ __

Kind regards, ____

__ __

*Phelokazi Mbebe (Mrs)____*

Vacation Accommodation Officer ____


Vacation Accommodation Office ____

Student Housing & Residence Life ____

Room 1.01____

3 Avenue Road ____

Tel: +27-21-650 1052 <tel:%2B27-21-650%201052>____

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*From:*Bernelle Verster [mailto:bernellev@gmail.com]
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*To:* Andiswa Miza
*Subject:* Group accommodation booking: July 2016____

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We are hosting the international Debian Developers Conference in Cape
Town during July 2016.____

The conference will take place at the University of Cape Town, New
Engineering Building. We have obtained approval from Senate.

We require 14 days student residence accommodation, as well as
accommodation for families, proposed dates 1-15 July 2016.____

We expect approximately 300 people.____

Please advise as to steps required to book accommodation in Fuller Hall,
as well as Forest Hill.____

best regards____

Bernelle Verster
083 5454 993____


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