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Re: Meeting minutes: 2015-02-25 19:30 UTC

On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 11:34 AM, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:
also sprach Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> [2015-02-26 10:22 +0100]:
> Stefano (tumbleweed) is in town, let's celebrate landing the bid
> next Tuesday, 18:30 (normal CLUG meeting time). Venue to be
> confirmed, somewhere nice? (There was talk of Saints at Eden on
> the Bay, a bit far though).

:(( my private jet is unfortunately in for cleaning next week.
:( We can do the whole party thing again in Germany. We can google chat you in though? ;P virtually with us? 

> > * superfly presents the first web draft! - http://snyman.info/debconf16/
> >   - logos are placeholders until we come up with ideas
> >   - will the website be optimized for mobile? if we go with the system
> > superfly is using, yes. should look good on mobile now
> >
> Is this in keeping with whatever DebConf globally has? Will they
> make us change our website or something like that?

"they" is "we" ! ;)

Here's the thing about the website: generally, you're free to do
whatever you want, as long as it works and it's maintainable by the
infrastructure team for years to come. PHP is generally frowned
upon, so is MySQL. "They" love static sites. Whether those are
"mobile" or "responsive" is really mostly a question of whether they
are useful. Our users are not the ones that love _javascript_
dependencies or being forced to use the mouse all the time. We
sometimes even use text-based browsers to obtain information, lord

With all these things kept in mind, I am sure nobody would object to
modernising the way DebConf approaches web presence.
http://in2015.mini.debconf.org/ went their own way, for instance.

Instead of starting a discussion up front, I posit that the best way
will be to create a mockup with fairly little effort (so that not
too much could be wasted) and then to propose it to the list.
Is this mockup enough: http://snyman.info/debconf16/

And don't forget about summit integration. We really must never go
back to the days of Penta when we had a webpage and a completely
separate registration system and nobody knew where to look up
whatever information.

> sent email again. UCT venue bookings for  2016 only open in March,
> so can't do much here yet.

This is potentially a problem because it means that we are going to
have uncertainty about the event until 4 months before it happens.
Isn't UCT able to engage in an exceptional contract with us,
considering this is likely a non-standard thing for them anyway?
No sorry, March of 2015, so in a month, or a week, if we're lucky.  I expect this to be fairly standard for them, actually.

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