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Meeting minutes: 2015-02-25 19:30 UTC

Please reply inline guys, and try minimize context so we can easily keep
threads on track :)

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Date: 2015-02-25 @19:30 UTC
Chair: nkukard? (the speed runner)

* timeline progress? - https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Timeline
  - need volunteer to handle this, or colab effort
  - colab effort more than likely, to be discussed when people add stuff
and we see how it progresses

* superfly presents the first web draft! - http://snyman.info/debconf16/
  - logos are placeholders until we come up with ideas
  - will the website be optimized for mobile? if we go with the system
superfly is using, yes. should look good on mobile now

* nkukard: budget
  - Any objections to nkukard working on the budget with madducks
guidance and taking into consideration his work on it for dc15?
  - nkukard wants to import our costings into something similar for dc16
  - probably not that high costs from venue perspective
  - probably no minimum occupancy clause
  - indiebio says we should have more info pretty soon

  - Accomodation:
    - do we want exclusive use of the accommodation?
    - once we get prices we can see the cost and maybe book out the
whole place,  should be around R259 (€22.74, 2015 prices) per person,
per night
    - there is social space
    - are there drunklords on premises? will they bother us?

* nkukard: hangover156
   - Topics
      - things learnt, what worked and what did not
      - reasons to invest more time
      - getting people to stick around after dc's
   - nkukard to bring up at dc15 meeting too
   - DC15 Draft final report
     - try for 5 pages max / different formats
     - plans about a pre-DC15 sprint to document debconf?
   - nkukard added the above to his hangover156 doc
* new mailing list: https://lists.debian.org/debconf16-team/
  - is everyone on the new ML above? if not join it guys!
  - nkukard to post minutes on both bid and new ML
  - bid ML will be closed, so join the new one quick! - madduck to ask
listmaster about this

>From last week:
* sponsors...?
  - moved to next week meeting
* logo
  - moved to next week meeting
* orga docs
  - moved to next week meeting
* indiebio has a real IRC client!
  - indiebio thanks tumbleweed, ginggs, confluency and "who else"
  - madduck thanks google

  - Rotating meeting chairs, nkukard says it works well for him and the
meetings he attends, thoughts? main goal is to keep things on track and
on topic

Meeting ended @20:25 UTC

- - -


Date: 2015-02-
Chair for this meeting?: xxxx

* Timeline
  - Report back
  - How do we feel about a colab effort

* Budget: nkukard
  - Report back

* Logo

* Website: superfly
  - Report back
  - So what does everyone think?

* Accommodation
  - Report back
  - Question about exclusivity

* Sponsors

* Orga docs

* Hangover156: nkukard
  - Report back on progress

* Other/General

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