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Re: Fwd: PDF with photos "how to get there"

Hey Laura,

thanks so much for making a start on this. It already looks really
good and having two pages as you suggest also gives us plenty of
space for some more text. I've included some ideas below.

> I think it would be useful to add some phone numbers, so if
> anybody gets lost, she can show to a local person so maybe they
> can phone somewhere... But I don't know the numbers.

We should find out this week. Richi?

> Any other "mandatory" information could be there or instead the
> phone numbers, but there's not much space left, I'm afraid.

Additional data I could imagine to be useful include

  - phone numbers, as you say, incl. emergency 112 etc.
  - the actual street address
    (Tiergartenstrasse 5, 69120 Heidelberg)
  - a short text description of the public transport route
    "Take bus 32 leaving west-bound (second set of tracks) in
    direction of 'Kopfklinik' [check wiki] and get out at
    … — approx. 15 minutes one way."
  - info about the ticket needed for the public transport trip
    "A one zone ticket costs 2,60 € and can be bought from the
    driver, but should ideally be bought from ticket machines at the
    station to avoid delays. Also, some rail tickets include +city
    or +mobil options which let you travel on the bus for free"
  - information about acceptable forms of payment at the venue
    "Cash, Visa, MasterCard; there is a cash machine close to the
    venue, but might be easier to pick up some cash at the station"

> Maybe put a small map of Heidelberg? A plan of the venue? No idea.

One idea might be to put a 5×3 grid of photos (with less space
between them) on page 2 and fill page 1 with more information?

We have 14 pictures and if you do a 5×3 grid, then one slot is
available. Sure, a little map with the station and the hostel
circled would probably help a bit.

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