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Re: [Debconf-sponsors-team] Replacing sponsors-table

> I liked this idea, as moving to a JSON/YAML/CSV/etc datafile,
> would get us 90% of the benefits of using a database, but without
> the maintenance and development overhead. (I think there may have
> been some concerns last time I raised this, but I don't recall
> anything insurmountable.)

One problem is that the only syntax checking will be done by editors
highlighting syntax, and they get it wrong some times.

Apart from that, sure, it's a step. Make it one file per sponsor,
possibly employing symlinks to manage main workflow categories.

When I think about it more, however, then it'll get hard to add
dated notes with ownership like sponsors-table has.

    madduck: > the note I want to add, remembering how to do
     multi-line input in YAML…

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