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Re: Report on HD contract


> It's not just PR or health, but also the fact that bringing food
> into the youth hostel is prohibited and if there's a problem, the
> youth hostel could be held liable and even lose their licence.

That sound complety wrong, they are not responsible what food people take into 
a youth hostel. Think about people hiking all day from youth hostel to youth 
hostel (we have to have 10 beds free for them :) and they don't allowed to 
take and store food with them? What about people that can't eat everything and 
have to eat there own food (lactose intolercane, gluten, etc.)? And there are 
youth hostels, with customer kitchens also in germany...

The official "house rules" of the jugenherbergen bw:

"In Schlafräumen dürfen Speisen weder zubereitet noch gegessen werden.
Aus brandschutz-technischen, versicherungs und gesundheitsrechtlichen Gründen 
ist die Benutzung von elektrischen Geräten für die Zubereitung von Speisen und 
heißen Getränken nicht gestattet."

loose translation:
"it is prohibited to create food and eat in sleeping rooms. Because of 
fire,legal and helth reasons it is prohibited to use electrical devices to 
create food or hot meals."

-> Nothing about storing food in sleeping rooms and nothing about eating food 
outside the sleeping rooms.

Bringing and storing cheese is not the problem:) 

The youth hostel can't be liable to things people eat, if it doesn't come from 
there offical kitchen. Maybe a possibility would be to make it clear, with big 
posters, that the cheese is not from the youth hostel and you have to eat at 
your own risk?



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