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Report on HD contract


there are a few things you should know about the HD contract:

  1. At the moment, we are still hedging plans as to how we can get
     the youth hostel to handle most of the participants' payments
     for us. This would be a great advantage as it would alleviate
     all our problems relating to international payments and making
     sure people pay in time, as everyone would just have to pay
     locally to get their room key, and whether we pay commission to
     banks or Paypal, or we pay a little more to the hostel doesn't
     really make a difference to us. I am assuming that we'll find
     a solution to this soon, and then we can sign the contract (see

  2. There's an issue regarding the cheese and wine party, which is
     curiously not really related to alcohol (hello DC14!), but
     instead to the cheese. The reason is that the youth hostel is
     scared that people bring cheese on planes and that there might
     be a food poisoning as a result, which then could cause a huge
     deal of problems (mostly PR, but also just annoyance) for them,
     should the health authorities start to investigate.

     I am still discussing with them, but we may well have to accept
     their terms. The alternative would be to have the event outside
     the venue, e.g. in a nearby location. I think this would be
     beneficial also in terms of the noise level, but so far we're
     still investigating.

     If you have any ideas, please let us know.

  3. Apart from that, the contract seems ready for signing. We are
     in the final steps of registering the Verein (report to
     follow), and since we're still in discussions over the payment
     logistics (see above), HD is prepared to wait until June

That's it regarding HD…

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