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Re: [Debconf-sponsors-team] Dealing with DC15 sponsors

martin f krafft <madduck@debconf.org> writes:

> Hey team,
> today we received the first mail by someone interested in sponsoring
> DC15. This raises the question on how to proceed.
> If the sponsor is DC14-relevant (i.e. from the US, or global), then
> obviously we should pass them over to the sponsorship team.
> However, if the sponsor is clearly only DC15-relevant, i.e. because
> it's a German business etc., should we handle this ourselves for now
> to keep your back free, or should it also go through the sponsorship
> team?

IMHO (I'm not very active right now) it's better to also handle this
case through the normal sponsor team channels, but handled by DC15
people on the team. This way everyone is up to date and it's easier to
find the releavant information later on. Otherwise you have to merge
what has been done already into the sponsors team documentation once the
focus shifts to DC15.

> For the latter case, it makes sense to add a few people from the
> DC15 project team to the sponsorship team, such that they can read
> mail to sponsors@debconf.org, interact with RT and commit to Git.
> Who should I talk to to set this up?

You have to talk to admin@debconf.org about this AFAIK. bgupta can give
the relevant people access to the git repository.


> Thanks,
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