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[bubulle@debian.org: (forw) Good luck for DC14....]

On the eve of DebConf14, some well wishes below from one of our in absentia
DebConf team members.  (Who apparently had trouble posting to debconf-team)

Of course, Bubulle will be able to watch the videos of our talks afterwards,
thanks to the always-amazing work of our video team.  But how will he be
able to participate vicariously in the cheese and wine party?!  Someone will
have to do a thorough write-up for the DC14 Final Report :)

The next couple of days of setup are going to be intense.  There will be
bumps along the road.  But I know that, come Saturday, we will be sitting
back and relaxing as the plenary sessions start rolling without a hitch, all
our hard work paying off.  I know this because everyone who's been involved
in organizing DC14 has been absolutely awesome and on the ball, and a few
minor hiccups are nothing to this group of seasoned pros.

If you are a local volunteer who's still been looking for an opportunity to
get involved, the first *on-site* meeting of the team will take place
tomorrow, August 21st, at 1pm, in SMSU room 333.  Please feel free to come
down and join us.  If you can't make this time, feel free to stop by any
time after this, as I'm sure we will be running around continuously after
that time. :)

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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 08:31:28 +0200
From: Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>
To: debconf-team@lists.debconf.org
Subject: Good luck for DC14....

Before I forget, this small mail I wanted to send and always delayed.

To all DC14 local and global team folks, please receive my best wishes
for a highly successful DebConf. I know you invested a lot of your
time into it during last year and it's now coming.....doh, doh,

Not attending my first DebConf in 10 years will be kinda strange for
me and I'll be missing the opportunity to meet again with old (and
less old) chaps. DC has always been the "peak" of each my own Debian
years and, well, this time, it'll be different.

My thoughts are with you, still, and while my body (and legs) will be
in running in mountains, some parts of my heart will be in Portland
with a bunch of great folks (and more particularly with the amazing Langaseks).


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