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tear-down schedule - HARD STOP 6pm Sunday

Hi everyone,

The last session on Sunday ends at 16:15, and the building closes at
18:00 (regular weekend hours). This means we need to have everything
cleared out of the building in that time. The session rooms will close
out today (338 at 14:14, and 327/8 and 329 after 20:00). That'll leave
remaining spaces to be cleared: the Ballroom, the Hack Labs, front desk,
and equipment, storage, and random clutter from the NOC (staff room).

Steve and Patty have agreed to keep lost items for a couple of weeks
after the conference, but please be kind to them and collect your
belongings. :)

BTW, there are still staff and video shirts available in various sizes,
so feel free to pick up some extras.


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