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Re: [Debconf-team] About calling SHC if we arrive past 22.00

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 08:25:19PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:
> El 20/08/14 19:36, Steve Langasek escribió:
> >Also, I just noticed that in your mail exchange with them you said you *may*
> >arrive after 10pm.  I think it's better to tell them you *will* arrive after
> >10pm, to keep it simple on their side.  They can always be pleasantly
> >surprised if you turn up earlier.

> Well, in this case that would be like saying that Schrödinger's cat is dead
> (without opening the box) so that you are pleasantly surprised if it happens
> not to be the case :-)

> Anyway, based on your calculations (one hour and a half from the airport, as
> I land in Philadelphia first), my expected arrival would be 20.40 + 1.30 =
> 22.10, so I've put 22.00 in the registration form.

So I've gotten confirmation back from PSU.  Unfortunately, the outer doors
of the building are locked to the general public at 10pm, and the housing
team does not have any control over this.  They will also not post people at
the front door, because due to variable flight schedules etc., they would
basically be stuck there all night.

I'm afraid this means that people arriving after 10pm *do* have to call to
get in.  And you'll want to call upon arrival /on campus/, not from the
airport, so that they can come to the door and let you in.

I'm cc:ing the team again, for their information and also to see if people
want to come up with a better plan (possibly involving stationing late-night
volunteers at the door during known arrival times?)

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