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Re: [Debconf-team] network and A/V setup for rooms

On 08/11/2014 11:41 PM, tony mancill wrote:

>>> Do we want a mic and speaker? (AIUI, that would cost extra)
>> Based on other messages from the video team, I believe we will need to rent
>> speakers (either from the university or elsewhere), and they will be
>> bringing microphones so no need to rent them.
> I can commit to bringing one pair of powered PA speakers if that would
> help.  I don't know the exact make or wattage offhand, but they're
> standard PA speakers like you would use for vocals in a band.

Some specifics for the Video Team in case there's interest.  The
PAspeakers are Harbinger APS15s, 200W, self-powered, with a built-in 3
channel mixer and EQ.  The full specifications can be found here:


If the Video Team wants them, please let me know by August 18th so I'll
have time to get them before the 22nd.


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