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Tuesday, August 12: last {IRC,local} meetings before DC14 begins

Hi all,

DebConf14 is nearly upon us!  This week is the last opportunity we'll have
to meet as a full team before people start arriving in Portland.  If you are
involved in DebConf organization, have questions about your responsibilities
for the conference, or are interested in volunteering for DebConf and have
been looking for an opportunity to get involved, please make the effort to
attend one of these meetings - either the IRC meeting, or the local meeting. 
After Tuesday, there are no more global meetings; from there on out, it's
just executing on the plan, until people start arriving on the 20th.

And thanks to everyone who's been involved so far in getting DebConf14 off
the ground.  If you're like me, based on past years' conferences you may be
waiting for the other shoe to drop - DebConf organization isn't supposed to
go this smoothly, is it? ;)  But at the risk of jinxing ourselves, I'm going
to say that I don't think this is an illusion.  No matter how closely I
worry over the details, I continue to come away convinced that we're on
track, and that this is going to be an awesome, and *low-stress* conference.
How very Portland! ;)

This is only possible because of the strength of the team we've put
together.  From record-breaking sponsorship, to solid boots-on-the-ground
local volunteers, to our usual calling-them-"professional"-is-an-insult
video team, and beyond, you can all be proud of the work you've done in
pulling DebConf14 together.  Just a little bit further now, and we'll be
able to reap our rewards.

In the meantime, here are the details for the meetings.

IRC meeting: Tuesday, 12 August @ 1900 UTC (1200 PDT)

Please add agenda items for this meeting here:


Local team meeting:  Tuesday, 12 August @ 1830 PDT

   Lucky Lab
   915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
   Portland, OR 97214

Please add your agenda items for this meeting here:


Thanks everyone, and here's looking forward to the best DebConf yet!

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