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Re: DebConf sponsorship repository (was: [Debian-portland-soc] July Beering and DebConf Planning)


Sorry for my late reply. My focus currently is on DC13 :-)

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:
> FWIW, we have started gathering a partial list of local sponsors in a google
> doc.  Kees, how goes the process of getting that doc synced to the
> debconf-data svn?

Just for your information. This should really go into the
debian-sponsors git repository[1]. To get access you have to be a member
of the debian-sponsors Alioth project. This project is meant to
facilitate and coordinate different sponsorship efforts in Debian. It's
currently only used by DebConf, but AFAIK Brian Gupta is woking on
widening the Debian sponsorship efforts. He created this project last

The debconf-data repository is public and not suited for this kind of
information (sponsor contact information and interactions).

[1] git.debian.org:/git/debian-sponsors/debian-sponsors.git
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