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Re: DebConf14 fundraising

Hi all,

Le mardi, 2 juillet 2013 16.07:31, Moray Allan a écrit :
> That is, the DebConf14 team should already be thinking about
> additional "local" targets, and preparing text/images to update the
> DebConf fundraising brochure.  Those things should be finalised
> during DebConf13, if not earlier, and active DebConf14 fundraising
> should start as soon as possible afterwards (ideally already
> starting to reach out during DebConf13).

Several DebConf13 locals have put quite some work into making the 
DebConf13 sponsoring brochure a maintainable latex project, including a 
translation infrastructure, and for which the english, french and 
italian texts have been reviewed through the respective debian-l10n-* 
channels, so I would really recommend using this as a starting point:


(if you copy that, discard the .svg and .odp in there)

I would be happy to assist in making the DC14 version of it, but as we 
saw last year, the thing mostly needed before is the logo and colour 



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