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DebConf14 fundraising

We should make another attempt in this DebConf cycle to move the start of our fundraising to a more sensible point.

That is, the DebConf14 team should already be thinking about additional "local" targets, and preparing text/images to update the DebConf fundraising brochure. Those things should be finalised during DebConf13, if not earlier, and active DebConf14 fundraising should start as soon as possible afterwards (ideally already starting to reach out during DebConf13).

While we would ideally have a large ongoing fundraising operation, that's not quite the case yet, so those who care about DebConf14 will need to help on it and push others to do so too.

We should also take this DebConf cycle changeover as a reminder to try to unify more the work of different parts of Debian on fundraising, so that DebConf doesn't just work in isolation only caring about its own sponsorship needs. As one aspect of that, perhaps it would make sense to add a "other ways to help Debian" page to the DebConf fundraising brochure?


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