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Re: Re: Will pre-recorded only talk be accepted for DebConf22?

>AFAIU, what you are describing is different than what was asked by
>Kentaro / Gunnar.

Yeah, true. I was thinking if the videos that would be sent were to be under few mins
then we could use it as a loop of some sort during the breaks.
>I don't think documenting things that happen during DebCamp for remote >attendees is something the DebConf videoteam can do, as we're typically >swamped with getting our setup ready in time for DebConf (when we're not >participating in other sprints ourselves...)

I think I wasn't clear in my email previously, I was not talking about documenting the 
entire debcamp as that would be very difficult, I was thinking more about shorter videos that
show some interesting things like their fav setup or how using some tool they were
able to make it more easier for the tasks that they do. This would be pre-recorded so we
wouldn't have to put in more effort at all IMO. Also, when I said
Since sharing of such ideas usually happens during debcamp anyway,
I meant more like, as we would have something like this in debcamp (people sharing their 
fav setup/ new tool that they discovered/created ) would it not make
sense to document it beforehand and share it to remote viewers as well.

I don't know if this makes it clear or this is even more confusing. 

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