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Re: Will pre-recorded only talk be accepted for DebConf22?

Hi Kartik (2022.04.03_12:31:11_+0000)
> >I don't think documenting things that happen during DebCamp for remote
> >attendees is something the DebConf videoteam can do, as we're typically
> >swamped with getting our setup ready in time for DebConf (when we're not
> >participating in other sprints ourselves...)
> I think I wasn't clear in my email previously, I was not talking about
> documenting the entire debcamp as that would be very difficult, I was
> thinking more about shorter videos that show some interesting things
> like their fav setup or how using some tool they were
> able to make it more easier for the tasks that they do.

Not really the direction you're trying to go, but of course it'd be
great to have some recorded coverage of DebCamp.

We have some footage from DebCamp 4 & 5, which are a few minutes of
fascinating nostalgia:


As pointed out, that would have to be shot while the video team is busy
with setup. And the video would probably need heavy editing, unlike the
conference talk coverage we do that has only live video mixing.

This is a different skill-set to most DebConf video team people. So, it
would make sense if someone who isn't a core member of the team took on
this project. If anyone does want to do it, we could provide some
equipment, and publish the videos, but can't promise much more help than


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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