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Re: Next Meeting - Thursday 17 March 2022 @ 16:00 UTC

On 2022/03/15 18:43, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
On Tue, Mar 15, 2022, at 16:06, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
On 2022-03-15 10 h 00, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
On Tue, Mar 15, 2022, at 14:47, Kyle Robbertze wrote:
On 2022/03/15 14:48, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
On Tue, Mar 15, 2022, at 08:25, Kyle Robbertze wrote:
On 2022/03/14 23:09, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
I'll be there on the 17th, but of course, we've just changed to Daylight
saving time here and that shifts all my answers by 1h, making Thursdays
@18:00 UTC not really possible for me anymore.

Mondays at @18:00 UTC seemed like the other winner and I would
appreciate if we could make this our regular meeting slot :)

Yup, let's do Monday then. So the next meeting is:

Monday 21 March 2022 @ 18:00 UTC.

That's the exact same time slot as the DebConf team meeting, which doesn't sound like a good idea at all.

Well... That definitely doesn't work then. Shall we go back to Thursday
17th or restart the poll?

I'd be meh but okay with the Thursdays at 16:00 UTC timeslot, which was green for everyone except me, or 17:00 UTC which would be better for me, as it's not *right* on my commute. - What does pollo say?

Thursdays at 16:00 UTC would work for me most of the time yes.

Let's go with that then?

I'm happy with that. So Thursday 17 March 2022 @ 16:00 UTC.


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