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Re: Prepare for more online participation?


On 2020/03/25 10:53, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> Hi Wouter
> On 2020/03/25 10:07, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
>> Thoughts?
> Yeah we have a Debian jitsi instance[1] too as part of Debian Social[2].
> The plan is to bring a bunch of tools together and run an online
> minidebconf[3] using these, putting them to the test and identifying
> weak spots so that we can do it better again later in the year.

I have also been working on BillowConf [1] to address the shortcomings
of Jitsi in the large conference setting. It is still very early days.
The use-case I foresee is MiniConfs/DebConfs and State of the Map [2]
later this year.

[1] https://gitlab.com/billowconf/billowconf
[2] https://2020.stateofthemap.org/



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