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ansible MR review today plz?

Can someone review my MR in the next 6-8hours?

I've done a few passes of testing, which are kludged because it relies
on files being in master which aren't there yet, like:
redirects to https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-video-team/ansible/raw/master/roles/tftp-server/files/d-i/preseed_local_debian.cfg

So I have to hack things and hand hold a new person to walk them
around the hacks which is some testing but far from ideal.

I have someone that will give it a run tonight.

They live in the same city as the next event I'll be doing:
http://pyohio.org July 27-28  so it would be super helpful if they
knew more about all the things.

pollo is the obvious person, but not soon:
CarlFK: pollo: have some time to look at this and help me resolve the
'local file' issue?
pollo: not before the marseille mini-dc may 21-28th
pollo: I have $work stuff I really want to finish before leaving :(

Carl K

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