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Expense approval request: Video team hardware shipping for MiniDebConf Marseille and Hamburg

Dear DPL,

I would like to request approval for the following expenses to ship the video
team's hardware to the two MiniDebConfs that will be happening in the following

TL;DR: total budget request: 1700 EUR for three shipments and 150 EUR for a few
hardware adjustments

1/ Hardware shipping

Contrary to previous MiniConfs, I won't be driving there, which means we need
to ship the hardware. We're using UPS as Debian France has an account with a
(small) discount over list price and direct billing (no need for someone to use
their credit card then get reimbursed).

There's six items in the shipment (three flight cases: one for cameras, one for
audio, one for accessories, as well as a computer case and two tripods), for a
total weight of 100kgs.

An estimated cost for these shipments would be:

Paris -> Marseille       ~350 EUR VAT incl.
Marseille -> Hamburg     ~600 EUR VAT incl.
Hamburg -> Paris         ~400 EUR VAT excl.

Total: 1350 EUR.

I'd like to request approval of a padded budget of 1700 EUR which will cover
VAT for the shipment from Germany as well as possible readjustments by UPS
according to the actual weight of the packages (which was estimated with a
bathroom scale, but might be off by a few kg).

2/ Encoding Cube "repackaging"

The main computer we use to record conferences (a.k.a. "the encoding cube"),
owned by Debian since 2016, is currently using a somewhat large cubic case, as
well as a huge cooling solution (which was pretty much the cheapest silent
solution we could find). This makes shipping the computer more expensive and
riskier than we'd like, as the case is very empty and the cooler is heavy and
large, putting a lot of strain on the motherboard when moving.

We would like to buy a smaller PC case ("low profile Micro-ATX"), and to be
able to fit the hardware inside this case we also need a new low-profile CPU

The expense for the new case and the new cooler would be less than 150 EUR (80
EUR for the case, 40 EUR for the cooler, plus shipping).

Thanks for considering!
Nicolas Dandrimont

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