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Re: tallylights

On 04.02.19 18:18, Carl Karsten wrote:
Here is what was used at LCA, it supports tomu and I think something else:


Hey Carl,

thanks for the reminder, i still need to merge the pullrequst for tomu support.

I also see much potential in porting it on an ESP32 by using micro python.

mfg derpeter

On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 7:45 AM derpeter <derpeter@derpeter.net <mailto:derpeter@derpeter.net>> wrote:

    Oh and another reason to work together, the code is already part of
    debian ;-)

    we also have systemd units

    Maybe the next step would be either make this a separate debian
    Or change the voctomix package in a way that it installs this
    service ?


    On 04.02.19 13:13, derpeter wrote:
    > Hey debian video team,
    > i was pointed to your blog post about building a new tally light.
    > We have already build much of what you describe in blog.
    > See https://c3voc.de/wiki/projects:tallycom
    > https://c3voc.de/wiki/projects:tallycom:bestand
    > The script already interacts with the voctocore :-)
    > I also have already a version with a small OLDED screen on my
    desk an
    > proof of concept mumble setup running on the pi.
    > For sending messages to the display i plan to use mumble. I also
    > already hacked some basic support for the display in go to merge it
    > into the mumble client (which is also go).
    > We also have already tested some headsets to use for the
    intercom part.
    > As our goals seem to be very similar, lets have a mumble
    soonisch and
    > join forces!
    > mfg derpeter

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