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Re: tallylights

Oh and another reason to work together, the code is already part of debian ;-)

we also have systemd units https://github.com/voc/cm/tree/master/ansible/roles/tally/templates/systemd-units

Maybe the next step would be either make this a separate debian package? Or change the voctomix package in a way that it installs this service ?


On 04.02.19 13:13, derpeter wrote:
Hey debian video team,

i was pointed to your blog post about building a new tally light.

We have already build much of what you describe in blog.

See https://c3voc.de/wiki/projects:tallycom


The script already interacts with the voctocore :-)

I also have already a version with a small OLDED screen on my desk an proof of concept mumble setup running on the pi.

For sending messages to the display i plan to use mumble. I also have already hacked some basic support for the display in go to merge it into the mumble client (which is also go).

We also have already tested some headsets to use for the intercom part.

As our goals seem to be very similar, lets have a mumble soonisch and join forces!

mfg derpeter

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