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Re: Hamburg Mini-DC: microphones for the videoteam

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 03:53:28PM +0200, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
> * derpeter <debian@derpeter.net> [2018-04-11 08:07:33 +0200]:
> > https://c3voc.de/wiki/hardware:audiocase which will be ready at that time.
> > As you can see we have to 2 handheld and 1 headset per case you woul
> > either need to take two cases or work with 3 mics.


> > They are located in Berlin so somebody would need to pick them up.

if I could pick them up a week earlier, I could easily do that.

> For the miniconf we can work fine with just 3 microphones, and therefore one
> single case would be okay.

are those single cases suitcases or real cases? I'd like to transport
them by train...

> If
> noone else can do it then I can surely make arrangements.

Thanks for your offer Nicolas, but given you're already driving 2000km
for us, I wouldnt want to add 600km to that...


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