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Re: [Debconf-video] [Debconfsubs-team] A couple of petitions. Syncing subs files and consistency in video.debian.org

Hi Holger,

As I have not seen any answer to your question, here is what I know:

The subtitle work can be done on http://www.amara.org/fr/teams/debconf/

You can find translated videos with http://www.amara.org/fr/teams/debco

I woul be very happy to see this subtitling work available on

Best regards and thanks for your work,

Le dimanche 20 novembre 2016 à 15:43 +0100, Holger Levsen a écrit :
> Hi Alberto,
> sorry for having neglected your subtitling effort so long!
> We've briefly discussed the Debian/DebConf video archive at the
> videoteam sprint and one thing which came up was your work and making
> it
> available on video.debian.net. Can you please remind me where I can
> find
> those subtitles and where they should be put?
> (We also discussed using a different frontend for video.debian.net
> besides a simple webserver but this aint something to do quickly…)
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