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Re: [Debconf-video] conf file locations for ingest

Hi Carl,

On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 11:58:59PM -0600, Carl Karsten wrote:
> To make it easier to run ingest.py as a systemd process, I think I should
> teach it how to read config files.  and so I am going to use the same steps
> vocto core uses:

> https://github.com/voc/voctomix/tree/master/voctocore#configuration
>    - <install-dir>/default-config.ini
>    - <install-dir>/config.ini

those are fine

>    - /etc/voctomix/voctocore.ini

this should probably be /etc/voctomix-outcasts/ingest.ini or probably
rather .conf

>    - /etc/voctocore.ini

I don't think you need to support files in /etc - that's pretty
non-standard/hackish, though sadly not uncommon.

>    - <homedir>/.voctocore.ini
>    - <File specified on Command-Line via --ini-file>

those are fine

> only swap voctocore with
> ingest, or maybe vocto-ingest?

ingest.conf or voctomix-ingest.conf I'd say.

> Or is there a better convention I should follow, like
> /etc/default/vocto-ingest.conf?
> or /etc/default/voctomix/outcasts/ingest.conf

almost :) please use /etc/voctomix-outcasts/ingest.conf and/or


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