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Re: [Debconf-video] video for minidebconf vienna 2016?

Hi chrysn (2016.02.03_14:04:13_+0200)
> i would like to ask whether video recording and/or streaming could be
> arranged, and how the local team can assist you.

Nobody ever replied to this. Because we were all hoping someone else
would do something. Sorry :/

You're going to have a few DebConf video people at the mini-dc, so this
should be quite doable.

> interfacing with the projection system installed there has been done
> on previous occasions by the linuxwochen video team (with some issues
> related to display resolutions, for which i should manage to link you
> up with them on request).

I'm not particularly worried about that. I think we should be able to
handle all likely scenarios. I'm assuming there's a VGA / HDMI input
somewhere near the speaker's podium.

Other questions:
* What is the layout of the room?
* Can we get audio into the venue's PA system?
* What connection? (XLR, ideally)
* Where in the room is the input? (Ideally near the video desk at the
* Will the venue lend us audio equipment? (wireless mics, XLR cable,
  mixer, mic stands) or must we ship from Paris? (Or hire locally?)

I'm assuming we'd video this like a normal main DebConf talk room, which
means 2 cameras, laptop output capture, 2 handheld, and 2 headset mics.
Is that overkill?

We need a few presences in the room:
* A place at the back of the room for a desk and a camera.
* A place at the front of the room for an audience-facing camera.
* A desk next to the podium, holding equipment to capture the
  presenter's laptop, before feeding to the projector.

The above three all need power and gigabit ethernet connectivity with
each other.

And we need to make some cable runs (so we need to provide sufficient
* Ethernet cable run from the podim and front camera to the desk at the
* Audio cable run from the desk at the back to the PA system.
* Audio cable run from the desk at the back to any ambient mics (usually
  on the middle of the sides of the room)


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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