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Re: [Debconf-video] [Debconf-team] Schedule proposals and decision for the next meeting


On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 11:00 PM, Giacomo Catenazzi <cate@debian.org> wrote:
>> - Reduced lunch and dinner times to 90 minutes, which is more that enough for
>>  all the attendees to eat, and gives us back one hour of activities (a
>>  maximum of 7 vs the 6 previously, which is still less than a regular 8
>>  hours day work).
> Could you explain it? Last plan we agreed:
> https://titanpad.com/dc15-schedule, with 2 hours lunch.

There was never an agreement and that's why we are (sadly) still
discussing this.

> 10-15 second per meal  [during 90 minutes, homogeneously distributed] seems not so plausible, or venue can serve many dishes in parallel?  How big is the dinner rooms?

It's a self-serve buffet with many different options (warm main
dishes, warm sides, cold sides, etc), that many people can serve
themselves at the same time.  I don't know the exact size of the
cafeteria, but it's quite large and there's a lot of outside space
with tables and chairs that can be used to eat there if the weather is

> Please discuss it also with video, to see if they can manage the schedule/which slots cannot be recorded.

I'm not sure what you mean here.  90 minutes should be enough time for
every member of the video team to eat and have spare free time on top
of that (assuming that they are taking the shifts before and after
lunch, which is not necessarily what will happen).  Most people
usually take less than 30 minutes to eat, so that leaves 60 minutes
free time for everybody.

Why would there be slots that cannot be recorded?

Also, this is the team mailing list, if the video team is concerned
that 90 minutes for having lunch is not enough for them, they should
be the ones saying so.

>  BTW DebConf is also informal discussion, so we don’t need excessive number of talks.

The schedule has quite a bunch of empty space to allow meetings,
sprints, hacking time, etc. I don't think the result will be excessive


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